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"To go very far, you must begin very near, and the near is you, the “you” that you must understand.."


Yoga Therapy opens the curtain for your own healing.

Kathleen Wright


You will want to create a dedicated space in your home to build a quiet and uncrowded yoga experience. As you progress, your personal props will include the 'B' words of Iyengar Yoga: bolsters, blankets, blocks, and belts.

"Even though age is telling upon me, I am still experiencing new feelings. I do not hesitate to share the light of my new experiences with my pupils.

I live in my cells and live in my heart. I would like to practice yoga till my last breath, as a humble service to yoga. My only wish is to prostrate before God, surrendering my last breath in a yogic posture."

Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar, Astadala Yogamala
Volume 1, Allied Publishers, 2000

Generally, all classes are going to give you the experience of your body/mind's current level of balance, strength, and flexibility.

When you are unfamiliar with the workings of the individual body parts, you will be challenged to address muscle and joint stiffness, poor posture and shallow breathing.

Instruction in the tradition of my training will teach you about the body's anatomy...YOUR BODY's unique anatomy. We start with FEET... The 8-week series, will progress to develop a thorough knowledge of how the lower limbs work in the HIPS/LOWER BACK. Later the UPPER BACK/SHOULDERS/NECK are addressed so that your anatomy is improving both through experience and practice of yoga. Your breathing receives the advantage of all the above and you begin to have more energy in general because the body and brain are getting more oxygen.


You may want to do CHAIR YOGA with me. It is a good place to begin with others in the 55 years plus age range.


Learn the Fundamentals by participating, if your schedule permits, in 8 weeks of uninterrupted lessons. NOTE: The average beginning yoga student, for a period of time, will experience muscle soreness and fatigue.This is to be expected and requires self-discipline by regular practicing.


You are welcome to participate in our classes as a raw beginner or an experienced practitioner. Please let Kathleen know what exposure to other yoga classes you have had and, IMPORTANTLY, whether you have physical limitations based on previous injuries, surgeries AND ANY and ALL CONSIDERATIONS. Our classes are slower and afford each individual student the time to understand proper adjustments to improve alignment and postural integrity.

If you are a student of another yogic discipline you need these classes to help understand your body's anatomical misalignments and weaknesses. Classes at all levels of proficiency are constantly reaffirming the power of proper alignment and refining their understanding of the individual yoga postures.


All lessons are now private.


You may want to arrange to have a series of on-site classes at your workplace or elsewhere. Please inquire.


The temperature of the room where your practicing should be comfortable but not overheated. Hydration is taken care of before and after the class ... when special circumstances are at issue, please talk to the instructor.


Noting that your body's shape will allow you to understand how the postures look when alignment is correct, we ask that you wear form-fitting clothing that will not hang away from the body. If you choose leggings (ankle-length, or what is called "bicycle" shorts or any length in between), there should be relatively no "flare" to the bottom. Your top should hug the shoulders and fit snugly around the hips/waist.


Having undigested food in the stomach does not allow you to move with ease. However, you need the energy to work through the class without being distracted by hunger. Depending on the time of day of your class, make sure that you have enough energy from your last meal or snack.


When registering prior to class participation, it is important to inform the teacher in advance of any physical disabilities that may impact your ability to undertake this yoga practice. The studio is wheelchair accessible.

When coming into class or during class, TELL THE TEACHER IMMEDIATELY if you are experiencing:

A headache
Sinus problems
Sore Neck/Shoulder/Wrist, etc.
Heart Palpitation
Dizziness/Nausea/Shortness of Breath
Aftermath of: Surgery or Accident: Minor or Major
Any condition that requires a physician's care

Take time to consider that YOGA is both FUN and SERIOUS. Your challenge is to meet your SELF, warts and all, and believe that there is more you can do to improve your health now and for the future. The human mind loves to learn! The body is its own pharmacy...let the therapeutic benefits of yoga become your best medicine and your own mind become the best physician you could possibly consult.

Practice makes perfect in the moment...that's all you have to do, but you must do practice regularly!

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