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Our 90-minute format teaches each student how to improve Balance, Flexibility, and Strength. We use the principles of stretching while using specialized props to facilitate realignment and energy flow.

— A Personal Message from Kathleen —

With the advent of Covid-19, our studio classes at the Very Near Yoga Studio are suspended.

In-home personalized instruction is now available, which will be limited based on the amount of space that allows for social distancing. We will convene as small groups only. One-on-one instruction is always available. I will conduct a brief phone call or Zoom interview to assess your needs.

Teaching Locations

Receive personalized Iyegar Yoga instruction in the comfort of your home.

Students at Very Near Yoga
  1. Pricing & Policies
    Each yoga class is small enough for you or your group to fit in at any level of age or flexibility. In each class, you will be developing at your own rate of learning based on the Iyengar method of teaching to the individual. Our pricing is based on personalized instruction. Such instruction is not typically available in larger studios. The cost is $25 per student, per class. Note: Financial difficulties...? Please let us know and we can work so that once weekly instruction is possible. New students can always be admitted upon consultation with Kathleen
    The student(s) are expected to notify Kathleen 48 hours in advance if you are going to miss a class.
    Attractive gift cards with envelopes are available for you to give an individual participation at $25 per class. Gift certificates are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
Stretching at Very Near Yoga

What's New

To give you a better idea of how different our classes are from the norm, look at the above image showing Chair Yoga with props.

We are celebrating our 24th year of continuous operations! Thank you to all of our students who have passed through our studio and those who have been with us throughout!

The post-pandemic has brought a host of new changes most notably that I am now only teaching privately and no longer running studio classes.

Enrichment of my teaching and personal practice has been deepened in 2017/2018. Many thanks to Practice Yoga Studio in Philadelphia and Simply Yoga in Princeton, NJ for hosting their workshops.

Kathleen Wright

What is Yoga

Yoga takes the individual student step-by-step to understand the technique of coming alive to one's own balance, strength and flexibility.

Life is rushed and some yoga classes are taught in a fast-paced, rushed manner that does not contribute to learning on a deep level. Yoga is a slow, steady learning process that extends your brain from the bottom of your foot to the top of your head. This takes time!

The use of props, for instance, including blocks and belts to help you stretch when you "just can't reach that far"; bolsters and blankets used to gradually open the back and hips that have become "too stiff to bend that way"; chair, walls and floor to assist the spine in extension eventually will allow all of you who are new to yoga to use it as "the golden key which unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy".

muscle groups


At the Very Near Yoga Studio, your experience will be as though you were attending a mini-workshop.

Our classes offer great solutions for the problems of the stress of modern life. Using the principles of traction coupled with relaxation and deep breathing and using specialized props which facilitate realignment and energy flow, our 90 minute classes present the student with the techniques to carry on the process at home.

As the above illustration shows, the muscle groups of the rib cage, lower back, glutes and hamstrings are all connected, but separate. Upper torso flexibility is an important component of oxygenating the heart and lung functions.


Very Near Yoga Studio
Gilpin Place Apartment Bldg.
1301 Gilpin Avenue, Ground Floor
Corner of Gilpin & Franklin
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Phone: 302-981-0777